The Institution of Engineers (India), IEI consists of membership in the following orders:  Honorary, Corporate and Non-Corporate. The Honorary Members comprises the Classes of Honorary Fellows and Honorary Life Fellows. The Corporate and Non-Corporate Members comprises the following classes


  • a) Fellow – FIE
  • b) Member – MIE
  • c) Associate Member – AMIE.


  • a) Affiliate – Aff. I E
  • b) Member Technologist – MTIE
  • c) Associate Member Technologist – AMTIE
  • d) Senior Technician – ST
  • e) Technician – T
  • f) Institutional Member – IM
  • g) Donor Member – DM

Chartered Engineer

Any Life Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers (India) can designate himself as a Chartered Engineer (C Eng).  

A special certificate specifying as Chartered Engineer ( C Eng ) can be obtained on payment of Rs. 5000/- only (for applicants from India / Nepal) and US$ 500 only (for applicants from other countries). This is applicable only to the Members who have paid Composite Subscriptions / Life Compounding fees in full.


However, Corporate members already in possession of Chartered Engineer Certificate applying for the same after upgradation / transfer of membership or more than once for any other reason, the fee will be Rs. 2,000.00 (for applicants from India /Nepal) and US $ 200 (for applicants from other countries). Such Corporate Members should apply with a copy of existing Chartered Engineer Certificate.